Guinea Frogs

Species observations for review

  1. The Ptychadena cf mascareniensis was smaller in body size and also the call pitch was higher than my previous observations of this species. They were restricted to short grassland seeps on laterite plains
  2. The Ptychadena sp1 laterite were restricted to virtually bare laterite plains with a running stream (note video of calling individual below)
Sclerophrys regularis, Ptychadena bibroni then Ptychadena tellinii Afrixalus vittiger
Hyperolius igbettensis & Hyperolius nitidulus Hyperolius nitidulus
Kassina fusca Leptopelis viridis
Phrynobatrachus latifrons & Hemisus guineensis/marmoratus Phrynobatrachus natalensis
Ptychadena bibroni Ptychadena cf mascareniensis
Ptychadena pumilio & Phrynomantis microps Ptychadena sp1 laterite
Hyperolius nitidulus & Phrynomantis microps Phrynomantis microps