Biodiversity surveys

Both terrestrial and aquatic surveys are performed by our certified in-house specialists to evaluate what plant and animal species are present in a particular area. We apply cutting-edge technology and the latest scientific methods to ensure optimum results. Application of this service is usually for the development of a Baseline Ecological Report for Environmental Impact Assessment studies but is also used to inform conservation initiatives and for the legally required monitoring of impacts on biota due to the activities of a development (e.g. mining).


We have extensive experience in the development of accurate Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) where all the activities of a proposed development are evaluated within the context of the local ecology and rated according to the severity/magnitude of the impact. Measures to avoid/negate these impacts entirely are developed if possible. However, if ecological impacts are unavoidable, mitigation measures to decrease the severity/magnitude of the impact within a reasonable level are developed.

Biodiversity surveys

Following the EIA phase of a project, we develop an EMP from the gathered information to inform company and contractors of specific environmental guidelines to follow in order to achieve the desired impact mitigation set out in the EIA. We then monitor the implementation of the EMP through continuous data collection (in situ probes and cameras), regular sites visits where biodiversity monitoring takes place (including air and water chemical analysis), and long-term data analysis. Compliance with an EMP developed under specific industry standards is necessary by law and usually required by lenders (e.g. the International Finance Corporation [IFC]).


Our in-house specialists are capable of a wide array of geospatial analysis and modelling techniques using the latest software which we provide as a standard feature during biodiversity surveys and EIA’s. We also offer this as a stand-alone service for clients requiring geospatial analysis and mapping services.

Environmental Control Officers (ECO)

Regular monitoring of compliance with the EMP is often necessary. This includes issues related to Health & Safety standards. Enviro-Insight has long-term experience in this field and has a team of trained ECO’s ready to be deployed across Africa as necessary.

Game/livestock ranching & veld management

Our specialists are capable of analysing the veld conditions of a property to determine the carrying capacity of livestock or game. Veld condition surveys take into account the different plant species present on a property, their nutritional value, their density and their distribution. These factors, in combination with abiotic factors such as soil type, rainfall and solar radiation, determine the density of game/livestock and the grazing rotation of camps within the property.

Software development

The most difficult process of software development is trying to make the programmer understand the system and problem that needs to be solved. At Enviro-Insight, our extensive ecological experience in seamlessly married with diverse software development skills which cuts both the duration and therefore the cost of a project. Stand-alone software or web-based software solutions are available.

Wetland delineation

A crucial step for EIA projects is the precise delineation of wetlands. This requires extensive knowledge of wetland-associated flora as well as soil types. Field data from multiple sites is married with GIS and historical satellite imagery in order to present the most accurate delineation possible.

Basic & Fatal Flaw Assessments

Recent changes in the South African law (Appendix 6) require a specific type of ecological assessment known as a Basic Assessment. This is a rapid ecological overview of a site by a qualified ecological expert who then assesses whether further environmental studies are required. Similarly, a fatal flaw assessment is a survey investigating whether a potential ecological fatal flaw to development, such as a wetland, exists on site.

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