Enviro-Insight engages in extensive collaborations with scientific and charity organizations.


Publications arising from biodiversity surveys

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Data sharing

Our field records are meticulously collated and donated to the ADU Virtual Museum via their website facility ( This promotes transparency in our work and allows review thereof while benefiting scientific studies relying on this data. To date (4 Oct 2016) we have contributed as follows:

  • FrogMap – 314 records;
  • ReptileMap – 681 records;
  • MammalMap – 101 records;
  • ScorpionMap – 3 records;

Donation of expertise and time to ad hoc Projects

  • Enviro-Insight (Luke Verburgt) provides herpetological field expertise for the National Geographic funded, Okavango Wilderness Project (;
  • Bioblitz Project (Lephalale 2014) – 2 specialist and 3 assistants donated for 3 days;
  • Port Elizabeth Museum collecting trip to Belfast – 1 specialist and 1 assistant providing local expertise in collection of Amplorhinus multimaculatus and Acontias breviceps over 2 days;
  • Mpumalanga Berg Adder Project – 1 specialist and 1 assistant providing assistance to MSc student working on berg adders over 3 days;
  • Flat lizard research – 1 specialist and 2 assistants collected DNA samples of flat lizards on Blouberg Nature Reserve for ongoing taxonomic research on these lizards conducted by Martin Whiting;
  • Both Sam Laurence and Luke Verburgt are members of the expert panel of the ADU Virtual Museum (;
  • Sam Laurence is a collaborator to – and Enviro-Insight is donor to the new Red-Data Mammal book pending publication by the EWT;
  • Enviro-Insight are listed contributors to the North-West Province Leopard Project;
  • Enviro-Insight (Samuel Laurence) sits on the board of directors for the Wild Lion Trust, in association with the Wild Tomorrow Fund with a mandate to anti-poaching, large carnivore research and acquisition of “land for lions”.

Software donation

Enviro-Insight developed (PHP) web-based software for the extraction of GPS information from georeferenced photos to enable more rapid error-free uploads of animal observation records to the ADU. This software was packaged as an “easy-to-implement” class with an example implementation prior to donation. You can test the software (without error-checking implementation) here:

Select a geo-tagged photo on your computer by clicking the “Browse” button. Then click on “Upload Image” button and wait for the geo-tag details to be returned.

Financial and material assistance

  • Enviro-Insight donated 4 drift fence funnel trap arrays to the Okavango Wilderness Project ( under the care of Bill Branch and Ninda Baptista to aid in future herpetological research in Angola;
  • The Save Our Suburban Lizard ( project website domain registration and hosting for a year was sponsored by Enviro-Insight. Additional website development expertise was provided;
  • Enviro-Insight donated two radio-collars to the North West Province Leopard Project under the auspices of John Power (Biodiversity Scientific Support for North West Province) and provided assistance for the collaring and subsequent tracking of these individuals as part of the North-West Province Leopard Project;
  • Enviro-Insight donated money to the ADU Virtual museum to assist with the running costs of this vitally important service;
  • All vertebrate specimens collected in the field for identification are donated to the Port Elizabeth Museum care of Werner Conradie. To date, over 100 specimens have been donated;
  • All Enviro-Insight staff and collaborators make extensive effort to collect DNA samples from vertebrate specimens in the field without the need for euthanasia. These DNA samples are stored in alcohol tubes and later donated to the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) care of Krystal Tolley. To date over 400 DNA samples from 6 different African countries have been donated;
  • Botanical sample deposition at Buffelskloof Nature Reserve Herbarium (BNRH) (;
  • Enviro-Insight participated in the Frik Du Preez Golf Day raising money and awareness against Rhino Poaching in South Africa;
  • In association with the Wild Lion Trust, more than R 100 000 has been donated for the purchase of equipment and collars for anti-poaching and conservation teams in Kwa-Zulu Natal;
  • Enviro-Insight donated 10 trees to Ematsheni Primary School for arbor day in 2016;
  • Enviro-Insight contributed a sponsorship to the 2015 Onderstepoort Veterinary School Graduation dinner as a way of acknowledging the invaluable contribution of Veterinary Science to conservation.

Photographic & video contributions to books or other publications

Participation in conservation operations

Some staff from Enviro-Insight serve as members of specialist Anti-Poaching ranger teams in the greater Kruger National Park (details must remain confidential until appropriate vetting procedure has occurred due to security concerns).